Gluten-Free Super Bowl Recipes

Fried zucchini chips- gluten-free

Gluten-Free Super Bowl Recipes

Game Day is almost here. No matter where you fall on the interest scale of football, after the long haul we've collectively endured navigating a pandemic with a capital P, it feels good to think about such a simple distraction as the Super Bowl. As an elevating principle, the final game of baller titans beckons us to cheer for our very selves, to rally for the best in us, the tenacity and skill, the sacrifice and grit, the bond of teammates and fans, the spectacle of the men in the arena, our stand-ins. If only for a day we can turn to the champions, cheer and celebrate.

So let's rustle up some grub. Gluten-free.

Here's some ideas and recipes to inspire you crazy kids. 

Party on. 

Play nice. 



Our Faves: Gluten-Free + Party-Worthy


Easy Crispy Kale Chips (TB12 would approve)


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