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Gluten-Free Goddess Cranberry Bread Recipe

Cape Cod and cranberries... The two go together like Beatles and Sunday. And I was imagining a tea bread that might work for gluten-free French toast. The sort of breakfast you'd like to wake up to on Christmas morning. Something warm with melting butter and cozy cinnamon. Something festive. You know, special. Not your average grab-on-the-go with coffee nosh. A gluten-free bread worthy of a holiday. Like Autumnal Equinox... or Thanksgiving. Or any given Sunday, actually.  That's how it all started, my craving, my imagining.  That's when it dawned me.  Cranberry bread.  Why not? It's simple. And not too sweet. It flirts magically with maple syrup. So I started daydreaming about the tart little berry that is a bog's ruby jewel. And a gluten-free cranberry bread recipe was born. Happy Cranberry Harvest, dear ones. Karina xox

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