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Best Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bars Recipe

Today's treat? Frosted gluten-free pumpkin bars with a secret ingredient. Sorta. Tuning in to the particular (and fleeting) pleasures of each changing season as we ride the wheel of the year may be my favorite spiritual practice. A practice that requires one simple thing. Attention. Which turns out to be not so simple, inevitably. Because life is anything but simple, with its whitewater rush of mind numbing distractions that demand less and less of our soul and more and more of our mental focus on exterior minutia. Micro decisions. Cleaning out our email in-box. Catching up with Facebook feeds and Twitter streams and Instagram. Texting about dinner menus. Scanning streaming video options- thousands of choices may glitter and ooze their high definition glow but I find I am not feeling the abundance. I am less and less enamored with more . I know. It's showing. My age. My childhood brain was wired for mud and bird calls, blackberry thickets and butterscotch pine. Ho

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