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Gluten-Free Shepherd's Pie Two Ways (one vegan)

For today's menu? Gluten-Free Shepherd's Pie Two Ways (one vegan). A frigid wind is rolling through, interrupting our whisper of solar warmth with bracing bursts of frosty cold. But the skies are clear and cobalt blue, nudging out the low wooly gray of yesterday. Still, it's the kind of day that calls for comfort in the form of food. Something baked in a crock. Something piping hot and old fashioned. Something with mashed potatoes. A savory pie, I said out loud, standing at the window watching our pair of cardinals and chickadees take turns at the feeder stocked with black oil sunflower seeds. Don't tease me, said my husband from his corner study, looking up, I imagine, from his latest screenplay effort. I wouldn't joke about a thing like pie, I assured him. I'm thinking- a shepherd's pie, I said. More to myself than him. But not the usual shepherd's pie. No lamb. No beef. No onion. No peas, I murmured. Please, he said. No peas. (His hearing is ex

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