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Best Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Recipe

A rather perfect loaf. From me to you.  Happy October! Today is a quintessential soft autumn day- muted flannel skies, a spattering of rain, and creeping catlike fog. The scents of balsam, pine, and mossy bark infuse our morning walk with an ancient woodsy familiarity my New England soul craves, as yellow birch leaves flutter earthward, dreamlike and cinematic. It will soon be time to pull on our favorite sweater. Stack kindling and firewood. Choose a new book to love (I am reading Mink River by Brian Doyle - a lovely, lyrical, mischievous book infused with Irish-American sensibility and Salish stories). And best of all, it is finally time- for pumpkin lovers everywhere- to fill the pantry shelves with tins of our favorite cucurbit. Because, Dear Reader... it's time to bake. And I have a fabulous, flavorful, autumn-worthy gluten-free pumpkin bread recipe for you. A huge, gorgeous pumpkin loaf. Enjoy warm from the oven, with butter or cream cheese. Or make it ahead: Bak

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